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I want to be good at something.

i just wanna be good at something i like,
something i might wake up for.
‘cause i’ve been sleeping so long;
i’m up on a stage or minimum wage,
scream myself hoarse

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I feel like this sums up me and tropicrot pretty well.


I feel like this sums up me and tropicrot pretty well.

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It’s so inexplicably difficult to convince Amy how important she is to me and to this world. All I want is to show such an incredible person just how great she really is. It’s difficult because I understand how she feels. Unfortunately for both of us, we’re painfully similar in how little we think of ourselves. It kills me to know anyone else has to deal with that, and worse when it’s the person you love.

I remember how happy she was when we first started dating. Maybe that’s pointless. It was new, things were different, and life hadn’t been so fucked to her. It’s selfish, I know, to even ask, given what she’s been through, to put it in the past and smile.

I’m sorry I don’t have the solution. I know I don’t always help. I’m fussy. I’m lazy. We’re not married yet. We’re not financially stable. And I’m solely responsible for each of those things.

How do you convince someone who means the world to you, the person who is the literal reason you get out of bed every morning, how much they mean to this planet when they are physically incapable of believing it?

I will never blame you. No one could possibly know the hurt this universe has put on you. It amazes me that you find it in you to even wake up every day.

I love you, Amy. I will never stop. I will never stop trying to get through to you. You’re all I’ll ever want. Better than I’ll ever need. I have no clue why you settled on me, but I’ll never stop thanking the earth that you did.


Robert Adragna, 1962.


Robert Adragna, 1962.

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You’ll see on my résumé, I have caught the mailman.


You’ll see on my résumé, I have caught the mailman.

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Full of Hell – Black Iron (2,765 plays)


These animals have only base desires after being stripped of their spirit and fire.
Their rotting bones and their gaping jaws, they’re weeping alone in the bathroom stalls. I can’t help but blend into this institution so far gone in this industrial revolution.

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When videos become printable, bury me with this video.

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too lazy to actually practice or do anything producive today.  just going to stay home and play ttng songs.

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Anonymous asked: What are some of your favorite things to do with your girlfriend?

Go to comic / record shops. Find restaurants we’ve never been to. Listen to our favorite records. Watch The Office. Take our pup on walks. Make food together. Touch butts when we sleep because > spooning. Oh and ya know, do it.

Guns Up! – Frozen (76 plays)



Guns Up! - Frozen

Let’s look in your past examine the lines
someone who thrived off pain and the end of life
still you bring nothing to the table
you bring what to this life?
fuck up whatever you touch

we gave you every chance
we gave you every day
you want what you cant have

it’s been said to me
you’ll never see what you get from life
you’ll never have it
you never will

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